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Its been a year

Yesterday the Governor honored Ihor in a ceremony for the fallen soldiers of 2015. Yes, I took Ronan.

Saturday trip was canceled due to weather

It was under 32 degrees and the roads we needed to take were crappy so we cancelled. I was super bummed but its not like those things aren't going anywhere.

We had planned to go to Friedrichshafen (schafen is SHEEP) and then drive the extra 20 minutes to head to Austria to see if they were doing any Fashing festivities.

Instead we went to three flohmarkts; Ostfildern, Tubingen and Vaihingen (where we live).


The pictures were 5€ each, the pots were 1€ each, the spaetzle press and spatula were 2€, the coffee grinder (Zusshaus which is a big fancy german brand) 15€ I paid more for it because I really wanted it, and the science poster on linen and dowels was 30€..the maps and science displays made for classrooms are always expensive. In total..it ends up being about 77 USD with current exchange rate.
"We can’t hate ourselves into a version of ourselves we can love" - L. Deschene

Comcast silliness

how annoying.

The lanyard of holding

The Boba Fett one is a 2014 Star Wars Day disneyland release...there are 2 other 2014 pins (the apple/evil queen and the "Man of your screams" one).

Oh..it just makes me happy but its also uber heavy. This isn't all of them, these are just my favorites. I have about 40-ish 'trading' pins ... trading pins are smaller, less detail, lighter and usually don't include 3 dimensional stuff, movement or special glazes/sparkles.

Those little skeletal hands are actually barrettes that I need to paint because white spider and green bones? NOT!


So..that happened.

Today at Ro's TKD class I was happy to see another parent that is always fun to talk to. We ended up realizing that we both were LJ'ers.

When does that happen!?

For as long as I've been using LJ I've never come across anyone in the real world who is an LJ'er.

I have met a guy *named* LJ....but never one that is a user (aside from the NaNoWriMo crowd but there are NaNo groups here on LJ so that doesn't really count).

Someone to prove I'm real and just as much of a pain in the ass as I make myself out to be.

Note to self

Don't say anything less than amazingly stellar about doTerra or else expect a tongue lashing.

It is garbage. It is complete distillations and it is garbage and so expensive. On top of the fact that it is an MLM.

Don't do it.

Research essential oils from *NON* doTerra sources, PLEASE.

If you tell me I"m totally wrong but then can not tell me the difference between first and complete distillation...please, you're only making yourself look silly.

waves of nausea

For the last two days ive been experiencing moments of nausea and i couldnt figure it out. Then i remembered that saturday night i thought id see if i reacted to a very low gluten content german beer. I drank 1/4 cup and didnt feel anything but thought babysteps would be best.

The waves are a super mild version of how it feels when i get legitimately glutened on top of the fact that i have felt very achey and tired and a little gloomy which i chalked up to a mild cold i have..but also happen to be how it feels when i get glutened...

So beer and i are not even a possibility. I know many celiacs that can do beer...i guess im not one of them.


I love when the wind blows and all the tiny round pink and yellow petals that have dropped start swirling around like something out of harry potter. Along with the breeze comes the smell of lilies and tulips and forsythia.